waste foam baler

Polyurethane foam rubber is a soft or semi rigid polyurethane foam. Its main raw materials are polyol compounds, organic polyisocyanates and various auxiliaries such as catalysts, foaming agents, chain growth agents, foam stabilizers, flame retardants

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why we need waste foam press baler machine for recycling?

There are many benefits to using a waste foam baler to recycle waste paper:

1. Improve the recycling efficiency of waste paper

2. Save a lot of manual labour cost

3. Convenient transportation

4. Reduce the waste of waste foam in the recycling process

The above can greatly reduce the cost of customers, improve the business income of customers, and effectively help customers expand the existing business scale.

TCM waste foam press baler

According to the characteristics of waste foam, our company recommends two kinds of balers, one is vertical baler, the other is horizontal baler, which can handle this material well. The two kinds of balers have their own advantages. The vertical baler has high cost performance, simple structure, stable work, easy repair and maintenance, and is suitable for users who do not require high output but are sensitive to price. Full automatic baler in the process of packaging, automatic feeding, automatic packaging, and can be automatically strapped, saving manpower, very convenient and easy to use, suitable for high output requirements and budget sufficient customers.

Different customers can choose their own packaging machine according to their actual situation.

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