Automatic Shearing Baler

TCM-MT series hydraulic baler machine are specially designed for the aluminum, steel cans, tins and others small lightweight materials.

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TCM-MT series shear hydraulic baler is a multi-purpose baling press machine independently developed and designed by our company. It is specially aimed at metal cans, aluminum cans, light scrap iron, copper pipes, aluminum pipes and other metal wastes.

Different from the ordinary metal baler, MT series baler has the function of material shearing, and can use the conveyor to feed continuously, so as to realize the real automatic packing function. There is a shear cover plate on the upper side of the chamber of the packer. After the material is fed into the hopper through the conveyor, the shear cover plate is opened, and the material falls into the packing chamber of the machine due to gravity. The material is sheared by the hydraulic drive cover plate, and the material box is sealed. Then, the package is packed, and the package block is pushed out through the side oil cylinder to complete a packing cycle. It is suitable for steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, scrapped automobile and so on to enter the acceptable furnace charge (shape: rectangular, cylindrical or octagonal), so as to reduce the transportation cost and improve the charging speed.

MT series hydraulic compactor has many advantages in use. Compared with the conventional side out baler and turn out baler, MT series baler has faster bale speed, which can be baled once a minute or even faster. However, due to the limitation of its own shear capacity, it can only be applied to all kinds of light and thin metal wastes, which is not as wide as the traditional baler.

There are two kinds of operation control for the can packer, one is manual valve operation, the other is PLC control, which can be selected according to customer requirements, and the chamber size, bundle size and bundle shape can be customized.

The feeding room has the cutting function to prevent the admixture and safety accidents caused by carelessness, and adopts double pressure protection device. No anchor bolt is needed during installation, and diesel engine can be used as power.



Model Motor(kw/hp) Hydraulic Power(ton) Control System Efficiency(bale/hour) Chamber Size(L×W×H)(mm) Bale Size(L×W×H)(mm)
MT125 30/40 125 PLC 60 Customized Customized
MT160 30/40 160 PLC 60 Customized Customized
MT200 30/40 200 PLC 60 Customized Customized
MT250 30/40 250 PLC 60 Customized Customized

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