Galvanized steel wire

Black annealed steel wire is made from low-carbon steel and undergoes a dual-treatment process of wire drawing and thermal annealing. The annealing process returns some of the flexibility to the wire lost during the drawing process. Black Annealed Steel B

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• Improved flexibility over galvanized or standard steel wire

• Softer and easier to work with than other steel wire

• Easy to use with Automatic Horizontal Balers

• Excellent choice for low-rebound materials

• Can be galvanized for added strength and durability

• Designed for strapping use

• Adopting secondary annealing

• Flexible


Model Material Wire diameter Specification size Each roll weight
10# Q45 3.5mm 330*160mm 50kg
12# Q45 2.8mm 330*160mm 50kg
14# Q45 2.2mm 330*160mm 50kg


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