Cyclone Separator

The shredder blower pulls waste materials through, shredding it into smaller pieces, then through the pipeline directly to the separator, so that the material and the air separated.Considering of environmental friendly, especially for those paper mill, ca

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At the entering hole of cyclone, we can also equip water spray projector system to increase the weight of scraps and trims for better separating of air and paper; of course can also removing dust. Our TWCS type cyclone with better performance consumes less water and deals with large quantity of paper waste.

• Designed for air and waste materials separation.

• The cyclone separator feed from the side, discharging the wind from the top, so the installation height should be tall enough.

• There will be dust in the air vents, can collect the dust and then proceed it together.

• The separator diameter and height are determined by the total air flow into the processing system.

•Total air into the cyclone;

• Dry cyclone or wet cyclone;

•Total height of cyclone working site.

• Material shall be non-hypergolic and non-corrosive air; temperature less than 80 degree;

•With feed channel, cyclone can be used together with automatic paper baling machine.


Model Diameter(mm) Air Exhausting Way
TCMFL-1500 1500 upper exhausting
TCMFL-1800 1800 upper exhausting
TCMFL-2000 2000 upper exhausting
TCMFL-2200 2200 upper exhausting
TCMFL-2500 2500  upper exhausting


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