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The main function of rags is to wipe the floor or table. Therefore, all cotton, linen and other fabrics used to wipe utensils can be called rags.

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what's rags wiper baler machine? Rags wiper baler machine is a machine which is bale rags wiper for us. We alway called wiper baler, wiper baling press machine or rags packing machine, and somebody call it wiper rags bagging baler machine or many other names. Wiper rags, can be said to be in every corner of our life, every detail of life. From the kitchen to the bedroom to the guest room, it is also ubiquitous from the hotel, the family to the office. Such universal necessities are not afraid of many, but they are rarely paid attention to. It is obvious that the main function of the cleaning cloth is to wipe the floor or table. Therefore, all the cotton, hemp and other fabrics used to wipe the objects can be called the rag.

Many of the discarded rags are thrown away after people have finished using it, which brings a lot of waste from the waste rag. But the size of the cloth is larger, the weight is very light, and it is not convenient for large-scale transportation and treatment. So in this case, the waste rag baler is applied. This baler can easily handle the rag and package the rag into blocks, and it can be conveniently packaged into lump blocks and plastic bags for easy storage and transportation.

Our company produces two kinds of rag wrapping machines: vertical baling machine and horizontal bagging machine. Each type of baler has many different models. The vertical packing machine is also a manual packing machine. The horizontal packing machine is a full automatic packing machine, and it can carry the function of automatic weighing package. Vertical balers include TCM-VCH, TCM-TC and TCM-LP three series. The horizontal automatic bagging machine mainly consists of TCM-HBC series. Each series of balers has various models that can be used by users.

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