Lifting Chamber Vertical Baler

TCM-LP Series baler is vertical structure with lifted chamber, suitable for clothes, bedding and fiber products in need of outer package, bales are trapped in “#”shape, suitable for different requirements for bale weight and capacity.

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TCM-LP series baler machine is a good choice to meet the baling demands of the textile waste recycling industry. It is an ideal baling press choice for almost any textile manufacturer, used clothes recycling center, second-hand clothing stores, dealers, clothing exporters, as well as wiping rag graders. The TCM-LP lifting chamber baler has three models and it is very easy to operate.

This series baling press machine is tying to wrapping bales simple, and make ejection easier as well. All you need to do is pressing the button, and the chamber will be lifted automatically before strapping. This means you only need one person to operate the machine, and so that saves a great deal of manpower cost. In regards to bales weights and sizes, TCMBALER lifting chamber textile balers can produce bale weights from 40kg to 600kg, with a press force up to 150 tons. The size of the bales can be depending on the model.

This makes that any size business can find a baling machine that suits their waste recycling needs. From a small shop with a single person operate the baling press machine to a larger corporation with a recycling crew, TCM LP lifting chamber clothes baler will do a great job.

Features of TCM-LP series baling press machine

(1)Classic model, patented products, applicable to small material compression and package.

(2)Electrical button operation, safety interlock device, and take out bale automatically.

(3)Unique door in door design, left-right door open for feeding.

(4)Adopt many kinds of brand sealing parts, improve the life time of oil cylinder.

(5)Oil pipe joint adopts conical without gasket form, no oil leakage phenomenon.

(6)Adopt connect motor with pump directly, to ensure 100% concentricity, and extend use life of pump.



Model Hydraulic power(Ton) Bale size/(L×W×H)(mm) Feeding size/(L×H)(mm) Chamber Size(L×W×H)(mm) Bale weight(kg) Power(kw) Machine size(L×W×H)(mm) Weight(kg)
LP30 30 600×400×(400-600) 600×460 600×400×1200 40-60 5.5/7.5 1300×760×3780 1800
LP50 50 760×520×(400-800) 760×460 760×520×1250 80-120 7.5/15 1500×880×3780 2300
LP120 120 1200×800×(500-1250) 1200×600 1200×800×1650 350-550 22/30 1850×1200×4680 4200

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