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How to recycling silage? China silage baler supplier and manufacturer TCMBALER provide you different kinds of customized silage pressing machine to help you solve the problem! Pls feel free to contact us with the following contact information etc.

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What's silage?

Silage is a kind of feed, which is made of plant feed with more moisture after sealing and fermentation. It is mainly used to feed ruminants. Silage is more resistant to storage than fresh feed, and its nutrition is stronger than dry feed. In addition, silage storage occupies less land and has no fire problem.

Silage is a kind of roughage obtained by chopping the green feed with moisture content of 65% - 75% and inhibiting the reproduction of various miscellaneous bacteria through the fermentation of anaerobic lactic acid bacteria under closed and anoxic conditions. Silage is a good source of livestock feed because of its sour smell, soft and juicy, good palatability, rich nutrition and long-term preservation.

Effect of silage bale machine

The following images show the effects of silage after being processed, if you need more scene of production. Pls feel free to contact us!


The following machines can meet the requirements of our customers to deal with silage.

TCM silage bagging press machine

The size of silage is small, so they can be packed with a very small pressure. However, because there is no bite force between the silage, after packing is very easy to break. We usually use bags for bagging, so our silage packing machine are also called silage bagging machines by customers.

According to these characteristics of silage, our engineers recommend using HB series bagging baler machines produced and manufactured by our company to handle your silage. In the whole packing process, the belt conveyor is used for feeding, the corn cob packing machine is used for automatic packing, and then the prepared plastic bags are used for packaging at the outlet.

According to the size and weight of the package you need, you can communicate with our engineers and customize the machine you want according to your special requirements.

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