Double Cylinder Vertical Baler

TCM-DG Series baler is mainly used for baling cars,cardboard, cot yarn,fiber, plastic, pet bottles, etc.designed as vertical structure, hydraulic transmission, electrical control and manual binding. Also, we can produce the machine according to the requir

  • Series:TCM-DG
  • Port:Shanghai
  • Mini Order:1 Set
  • Payment:T/T
  • Service:1 year after sale
  • Certification:CE SGS TUV

Product Details

TCM-DG series baler machine is designed with large press force which is from 40 tons to 100 tons and you has four models to choose.  So it design with dual-cylinder structure. And TCM-DG series baler is built with high strength and oriented to facilities that handle recyclable wastes of high fibrous, high rebounding force, or high hardness. It is also a good baling solution for handling normal soft material when there is a demand of high bale density to optimize container loading.  Widely application, with double cylinders, suit for press many of waste paper, soft and hard plastic,  and other materials,  widely used in factories and recycling industry.

These series vertical baling machines are a must-have piece of baling equipment for natural fiber exporters and dealers, synthetic fiber recyclers, metal panels, tubes, profiles recycling center, hard plastic recyclers. Because they can make dense bales to save more on storage space and transportation cost.

Features of TCM-DG series baler machine

(1) This machine use hydraulic drive with two cylinders, durable and powerful.

(2)Controlled by button, overheard hydraulic system setting to save the space.

(3)Separate feed opening and automatic bale out device, easy to operate, install interlock device in the feed opening, safety and reliable.

(4)Double cylinder pressure design, to ensure the force balance when machine compress, improve the use life of machine.

(5)Adopt many brands sealing parts, improve the life time of oil cylinder.

(6)Oil pipe joint adopts conical without gasket form, no oil leakage phenomenon.

(7)Adopt connect motor with pump directly, to ensure 100% concentricity, and extend use life of pump.

Product Application

We provide many kinds of baler machine for our customers, and Double Cylinder Vertical Baler can deal with the following materiel, pls feel free to check and contact us!

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