cotton hulls compress baler machine

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  • Series:HB
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  • Port:ShangHai
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TCM270-HB12070 Loosen material horizontal packing machine wood shavings is mainly used for baling press loosen materials just like sawdust, chopped straw/hay, paper shreds, chaff, rice hulls, cotton seeds, rags, peanut shells, mineral cotton fibers and other similar loose materials. And it is the biggest model of TCM-HB series packaging machine.

TCM270-HB12070 bagging press machine designed and developed using latest technology support and finds suitability for meeting the requirements of loose materials like wood chips. You can feed materials with conveyor into compacting chambers automatically.

TCM270-HB12070 sawdust baler is prefect for wood sawdust and many other loosen materials compacting into plastic bags. And tt is the best choice for farmers, wood chips processing companies.

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Model TCM270-HB12070
Hydraulic power (ton) 120/150
Feed opening size (mm) 1200×700
Bale size (mm) 750×430×310
Bag size (mm) 850×1350
Bale weight (kg) 40-50
Voltage (V/HZ) 200-660v/50(60)HZ (Customized)
Main Motor (kw) 37
Capacity (kg/hour) 4000-5000
Appearance size (mm) 3800×3250×2100
Shipping Weight (tons) Approx. 9

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