peanut shell baler

Peanut shell is the shell of peanut. The peanut fruit is pod shaped, with cocoon shape, beaded shape and curved stick shape. The color of the shell is mostly yellow white, and there are also yellowish brown, brown or yellow.

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As we all know, peanut shell can be seen everywhere, and what does the peanut shell can be used for. Peanut shell can make soy sauce, also can cultivate mushroom,and have other purpose. The problem is how to transport the peanut shell, because the shells big volume and low weight, cost of the transport is very high.

According to these features, we,TCM BALER, design and manufacture a bagging baler system, the system can easily compress the peanut shells into to plastic bag, to get a high density bale, we have to use the bagging press machine. the system also equips with auto weighing system to keep the same weight of every bale. And the output of the bagging bale press can reach up to 150 bales per hour, the bale weight ranges from 10kg (25lb) to 50kg (100lb), we also can make the peanut shells bagging press compactor according to customer's requirement, different materials, different bale size, different bale weight. It is best peanut shells bagging baler for customer to recycle and transport the material, also can deal with other materials: wood shavings, wood sawdust, corn silage, maize corn cob, etc.

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