rice husk baler

The husk of rice. It can be used to make soy sauce, wine and fuel. You can also plant Pleurotus ostreatus in bags.

Physical and chemical characteristics of rice husk: rice husk is composed of several parts, such as outer glume, inner glume, glu

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Why do we need rice husk packer recycling?

There are many advantages in using rice husk baler to recycle corncob

1. Improve the recovery and utilization rate of rice husk

2. save a lot of physical labor costs

3. Convenient transportation

4. Reduce the waste of rice husk in the recycling process

This can more effectively save the customer's capital investment, so that customers can avoid more waste of resources, so as to improve economic benefits.

TCM rice husk packer

Rice husk is very small in size, although it can be packed with very small pressure. However, because there is no bite force between rice husks, it is very easy to break after packing. So after packing, we will put bags on the outside of the bags for storage and transportation. Therefore, our corn cob packaging machine is also known as shaving bagging machine by customers.

According to these characteristics of rice husk, our engineers suggest to use HB series packer manufactured by our company to process your rice husk. In the whole packing process, the belt conveyor is used for feeding, rice husk packer is used for automatic packaging, and then the prepared plastic bags are packed at the exit. According to the package size and weight you need, you can communicate with our engineers and customize the machine you want according to your special requirements.

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