cotton seed hull baler

Cottonseed hull, also known as cotton husk, is the shell of cottonseed after being separated by sheller. According to the different types of shelling machinery, cotton seed varieties, different producing areas, different water content, and different sc

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Cottonseed shell (Cottonseed hulls) is the kin separated from the cottonseed. According to the different types of shelling machine, cotton seeds of different varieties and different origin and different water content, and crushed cotton kernel powder sieving degree etc.. The processed cottonseed shell size, color, length, lint nutrients (including cottonseed powder) are not the same. Cottonseed hulls are mainly used for breeding edible and medicinal fungi, as feed, raising livestock and so on.

How to recycle the waste cotton seed hulls, there are many different method. And the most economical and efficient is compress the raw cottonseed hulls into a bale with a automatic bagging press baler system. The system have their parts, main baler machine, conveyor, auto weighting system. Put the cottonseed husks on the conveyor, and the material was conveyed into the main cottonseed hulls bagging baler, then the cylinder move , the bale was bagged by a plastic PE bag. TCM-HB series bagging bailing press baler have 7 models, and can handle different raw materials( Including wood shavings, sawdust wood, corn silage, maize cob, corn cob, peanut shells, rice husks, coir dust etc), and is best baler press machine for customers.

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