corn silage baling machine

corn silage baling machine

Buy Hydraulic corn silage baling machine with cheap wholesale factory price from China best supplier and manufacturer TCM BALER dealer, we have best quality recycling baler machine for sale than Bramidan, American Baler , chuangda, Unite Top, Federal

  • Driven Type:Hydraulic
  • Quotation:FOB Price
  • Automatic Grade:Manual Bagging
  • Factory location:China
  • Type:Horizontal Baler
  • Model:TCM140-HB10070
  • Driver:Motor or diesel
  • Customized:diy
  • transport:shipping
  • Certification:CE SGS TUV ISO

Product Details

TCM140-HB10070 Loosen material horizontal baler machine is one model of TCM-HB bagging press machine in our factory.If you have waste like sawdust, wood chips, rags, peanut shells, rice hulls, cotton seeds, and many other recycling loosen materials,our TCM140-HB10070 horizontal bagging machine can help you to solve the can automatically feed, bale, compact, and bagging these materials. Afer bale, the materials can be easy to storage and transport.

TCM140-HB10070 Horizontal Baling Bagging Machine features a stored-program controller PLC, which helps keep operations running smoothly, and ensures uniform bales. It is also very easy to use and operate.

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Product Features

1. Suitable to compress and bag difficult strap of bulk materials

2. Apply to many loosen materials

3. PLC system to control, easy to operate

4. Safety interlock, three-phase voltage, simple operation

5. Bale size and voltage can be customized according to customers' requirements

This machine has been exported to Mali, Cyprus, Bosnia Hercegovina, and we also exports to many other countries like Gambia, France, Brunei Darussalam, Falkland Islands, Malta, Bulgaria, Bosnia Hercegovina, Cyprus, Bermuda, Ireland, Argentina, United Arab Emirates, Trinidad, Papua New Guinea, Seychelles, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Marshall Islands, Tuvalu, Nauru, Antarctic and so on. If you need this machine ,pls free to contact us!

Product Paramter

Model TCM140-HB10070
Hydraulic power (ton) 60/80
Feed opening size (mm) 1000×690
Bale size (mm) 750×430×310
Bag size (mm) 760×1150
Bale weight (kg) 25-35
Voltage (V/HZ) 200-660v/50(60)HZ (Customized)
Main Motor (kw) 18.5
Capacity (kg/hour) 2500-3000
Appearance size (mm) 3920×2880×1700
Shipping Weight (tons) Approx. 4.5
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