Vertical Oil Barrel Baler

TCM-VD Series baler is mainly used for baling paint barrel, oil barrel, etc.designed as vertical structure, hydraulic transmission, electrical control and manual binding. Also, we can produce the machine according to the requirement from customer.

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TCM-VD Series baler is called drum press, barrel flattener, drum crushing baler, or barrel press machine. It is a baling machine that use strong hydraulic pressure to flatten almost any kinds of metal containers, drums and barrels. If you have a few barrels a week or more, for about hundreds barrels a day, that you need. TCM-VD baler machine to help you to deal with the barrels. 

Like most of our vertical baling machines, Only one person can operate it easily and safely. This makes for greater efficiency. Also this baling baler machine requires limited space and height. Normally it will be your problem about its installation. Obviously, this type of drum baling press machine is not for everyone. But if you have used steel drums to dispose or transport, this machine can efficiently compress and reduce the volume of waste to better facilitate transportation and recycling. This is an important step in the recycling process, as drums take up quite a bit of space, and are unwieldy and inefficient to transport once emptied. The flattened drums also save your storage space a lot. Once the drums have been baled, the scrap metal is then typically recycled.

Features of TCM-VD barrel baling press machine

(1)VD series barrel baler use hydraulic drive with independent motive structure and electrical system.

(2)The air and liquid will be discharged when machine compress, inner with liquid trough to prevent liquid pollution.

(3)It's suitable for compress oil drum, paint drum and other kinds of drums (50-200L) to reduce the size.

(4)Be equipped with protective device.

(5)Adopt England brand sealing parts, improve the life time of oil cylinder.

(6)Oil pipe joint adopts conical without gasket form, no oil leakage phenomenon.

(7)Adopt Taiwan brand superposition type valve group.

(8)Adopt connect motor with pump directly, to ensure 100% concentricity, and extend use life of pump.



Model Hydraulic power(ton) Bale Height(mm) Chamber Size(L×W×H)(mm) Control Cycle Time(second) Power(kw) Machine size(L×W×H)(mm)
VD30 30 100-130 760×760×1000 Electrical Button Control 60 5.5 900×900×2600
VD40 40 80-100 760×760×1000 Electrical Button Control 60 7.5 900×900×2600

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