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  • Series:HPAC
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  • Port:ShangHai
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TCM-HPA100C auto-tie horizontal baling press packing machine can provide an automated approach to baling material through a horizontal press. Material just as fiber, scrap cardboard, and other fibers is automatically tied at the end of each bale by the tying mechanism, providing a highly efficient solution for increased capacity baling needs. This auto-tie baler packing machine is total automatic and so it can save a lot of labor for your bussiness. Auto-tie horizontal balers are ideal for distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, mid to large size recycling and material recovery facilities (MRFs), and mid to large size printers. Auto-tie horizontal balers are ideal for baling: shredded materials, document destruction, OCC, and high paper grades.

This fully automatic packaging baler machine model is capable of processing card, paper, plastics bottles without preconditioning such as straw, etc. and fodder in general. A cord baling system can also be supplied with HPA100C baling press machine to suit your individual bussiness needs.

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Model TCM-HPAC100
Hydraulic power 100ton
Bale Size (W*H*L) mm 1100*1100*(300-2000)
Feeding Opening (L*W) mm 1800*1050
Packing density (kg/M³) 500-600
Strapping Number 4
Capacity 6-10 tons/hour
Motor(Kw/Hp) 45Kw/60Hp
Main Machine Size (L*W*H) mm 8400*4300*2400
Machine Weight (Ton) 13.5

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