industrial waste baler / baling press machine / hydraulic waste carton baler machine

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  • Series:HPAC
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  • Port:ShangHai
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TCM-HPAC150 series fully automatic horizontal baling press machine use the latest design, simple frame and solid structure. Open type structure makes packaging conveniently, and improves work efficiency. Three sides convergent way, counter loop type, tightening and loosening through the oil cylinder automatically.

TCM-HPA150C packing machine can bale many materials just as waste scrap paper, cardboard and fiber or others. And the vessel classification of welding process to ensure that equipment is more stable and reliable. Full-automatic operation, easy to learn ,operate and maintain. Compress machine of this model configures with PLC program and touch screen control, operated simply and equipped with automatic feeding detection, can compress bale automatically, realize unmanned operation, designs as special automatic strapping device.

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Model TCM-HPAC150
Hydraulic power 150ton
Bale Size (W*H*L) mm 1100*1100*(300-2100)
Feeding Opening (L*W) mm 2200*1050
Packing density (kg/M³) 600-750
Strapping Number 5
Capacity 10-16 tons/hour
Motor(Kw/Hp) 85Kw/114Hp
Main Machine Size (L*W*H) mm 9800*4300*2400
Machine Weight (Ton) 20

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