diapers baler

The paper diaper is a kind of disposable product which is easy to replace without washing. Some of the super absorbent core layers are composed of polymer absorber and fluff pulp.

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why we need diaper baler for recycling?

There are many benefits to using a diaper baler to recycle diaper:

1. Improve the recycling efficiency of diaper

2. Save a lot of manual labour cost

3. Convenient transportation

4. Reduce the waste of coir fiber in the recycling process

The above can greatly reduce the cost of customers, improve the business income of customers, and effectively help customers expand the existing business scale.

TCM diaper baler

According to the characteristics of diapers, our engineers specially designed the diaper packer, which is based on the automatic strapping horizontal baler. This kind of packer has fast packing speed and can automatically bind. The whole packing process is controlled by PLC, which is very convenient and intelligent.

According to the size and weight of the package you need, you can communicate with our engineers and customize the machine you want according to your special requirements.

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