Pneumatic Strapping tool

TCMBALER's Pneumatic Strapping Tool is used to join PET/PP Straps when strapping compacted bales. With a friction weld joint, the Pneumatic Strapping Tool is lightweight, durable and efficient, providing a quick and hassle-free strapping process. The use

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* Lightweight, designed with high pneumatic power.

* With withdrawal strap device, easy to operate

* Including a hook, can be hung to use, very convenient.

* Max binding constrictive force: 280kg

* Bonding time, cooling time and the tightening force can be adjusted

* Suitable for round faces, surfaces and small areas of irregularly shaped objects

* Parallel strap pulling and cutting buttons, tightening, bonding, cutting completed in one-time, simple operation.


Model pneumatic straping machine
Machine weight  3.8kg
Max. clamping force  280kgs
Applicable band width  12-19mm
Applicable Band thickness  0.5-1.2mm
Operation Method pneumatic tightening, sealing, cutting
Air pressure power 0.5-0.8Mpa


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