PP strapping

Tcmbaler's PP Strap is made of 100% virgin PP and is used for strapping of lightweight bales of less than 50kg for easy transportation and storage. It is often used in combination with Tcmbaler hand tools such as the Strapping Tensioner, Strapping Sealer

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• Clean, attractive surface finish available in multiple colors * Made of 100% virgin PP, light weight, good tensile strength, beautiful appearance, toughness, ensure a strong packing.

* Adopting special embossing technology, making the bale straight and tight, improving the efficiency a lots and reduce the wastage.

● Safety

The Polyester Strapping is designed to protect your employees and customer from injuries while providing maximum load containment strength. There are no sharp edges when cut, and it does not spring back like steel banding. This quality offers protection for employees, customers and machinery, while giving you an inexpensive alternative to steel strapping.

● Strength

The Polyester Strapping is as strong as steel with comparable break strengths to conventional steel banding. Due to the elongation properties and shock absorbance capacities, The Polyester Strapping requires more energy to break. It is also five times lighter allowing for ease and flexibility of use.

● Protection

The soft and flexible texture of the strapping protects the most sensitive products. It is safe on virtually all surfaces which minimises waste and eliminates costly re-work. The Polyester Strapping corded polyester does not corrode, rust, or stain your products, and will not damage forklift tires.

● Does not rust or rot

The Polyester Strapping will not stain your products.

● Cost effective

The Polyester Strapping is a cost effective alternative to steel strapping. And it eliminates the "hidden costs" of steel banding - such as damaged products, downtime, workmen's compensation, tooling and repair costs. Our tools are only a fraction of the cost and maintain a longer life.

● Easy disposability

Due to the lightweight and flexibility of the environmentally-friendly strapping, disposal is hassle-free. The Polyester Strapping is a fraction of the size of steel and eliminates the need for strap choppers. It can be disposed of with regular industrial waste or recycled.

● Shock-absorbency

Due to the memory and elongation and elongation recovery, The Polyester Strapping can absorb shocks much better than steel strapping, and it will not lose its tension if the load contracts or expands.

● Low tooling cost

Only a single tool is needed and the wear and tear is minimal. Tooling and repair costs are just a fraction of steel strapping tools.

● High joint efficiency

The Polyester Strapping features a steel wire buckle, the strongest joint available which can be re-tensioned if required. The strap and buckle can be re-used in some applications.


Model Width Thickness Length per coil Coil weight Tensile Core diameter
PP0906 9 0.6 2700m 10KG >90kg 200
PP1205 12 0.5 3000m 11KG >110kg 200
PP1206 12 0.6 2000m 10KG >120kg 200
PP1206 12 0.6 1950m 10KG >110kg 200
PP1207 12 0.7 1600m 10KG >90kg 200
PP13506 13.5 0.6 1850m 10KG >130kg 200
PP13507 13.5 0.7 1580m 10KG >140kg 200
PP13509 13.5 0.9 1300m 10KG 170kg 200/250
PP1505 15 0.5 2500m 11KG 140kg 200
PP1506 15 0.6 1720m 10KG 140kg 200


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