PET Strapping

PET Strap is made from a new environmentally-friendly material that is quickly becoming one of the most popular materials used for packaging bales. PET Strap combines the strength of steel with the flexibility of PP (polypropylene), offering a low-cost, durable and flexible alternative to traditional steel strapping. PET Strap is capable of strapping bales up to 350kg of a variety of materials such as clothing, cardboard, plastic or fiber which have been compacted by tcmbaler Vertical Baling Machines. PET Strap can also be used to package materials in many other fields such as lumber, steel, chemical fiber, paper or cardboard.

Product Details

* Long-term large tightening force, and not loosing back;there will be 5% buffer elongation when subjected to external impact ; not loose after being packaged

* Existing strip-like tensile strength and anti-impact ductility, better ensuring products transportation safety .

* No worries on the tied objects suffering from rusting steel pollution;bright colors;the goods will not be damaged or corroded

* No sharp edges of the strip, safe operation, neither injury to the hands nor damage to the tied objects

* Melting point is 260 degrees, no deformation below 120 degrees

* The length of 1 ton PET strap is equivalent to 6 tons of steel metal belt ,unit price per meter is much lower than steel belts, which can significantly reduce the cost for you.

Product Parameters

Model Width Thickness Coil weight Length Fracture tension(N)/rope Core diameter
PET09505 9.5 0.5 20kg 3250M >2000 406
PET1206 12 0.6 20kg 2150M >3000 406
PET1606 16 0.6 20kg 1600M >4000 406/200
PET1608 16 0.8 20kg 1250M >5400 406/200
PET1906 19 0.6 20kg 1350M >4800 406
PET19010 19 1 20kg 815M >8000 406
PET25010 25 1 20kg 650M >10500 406
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