Hydraulic handcart

TCMBALER's Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck is a horizontal transportation tool used to transport a variety of materials. The Hand Pallet Truck is one of the most widely-used tools used in the transportation of heavy goods and can be used in the recycling or waste industry to transport bales or even smaller baling machines with a load capacity of up to 2000kg.

Product Details

• Inexpensive but highly reliable solution

• Effective brake system makes transportation up and down ramps safer and more convenient

• Fork-lowering speed can be easily controlled and adjusted

• Ergonomically-designed rubber handle is comortable and easy to use

• The whole cast cylinders, beautiful appearance, durable

• High-quality steel, the surface with electrostatic spray.

• Imported seals, chromed piston rod.

• The internal pressure relief valve provides overload protection, to avoid overloading applicable, reducing maintenance costs.

• One-piece cast wheel frame, dual front wheels, strong carrying capacity

• Equipped with front and rear guide wheels, protecting the front wheels against impact, extended wheel life.

Product Parameters

Model  Load Capacity Min. / Max. fork height Folk Width Folk Length Single fork width    Weight
TCM-200-5 2000kg 75/195(85/205)mm 550mm 1100mm 152mm 78kg
TCM-200-6 2000kg 75/195(85/205)mm 685mm 1220mm 152mm 82kg
TCM-250-5 2500kg 75/195(85/205)mm 550mm 1100mm 152mm 91kg
TCM-250-6 2500kg 75/195(85/205)mm 685mm 1220mm 152mm 95kg
TCM-300-5 3000kg 75/195(85/205)mm 550mm 1100mm 152mm 93kg
TCM-300-6 3000kg 75/195(85/205)mm 685mm 1220mm 152mm 97kg
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