Galvanized screwed pipe

TCM BALER Screw wide pipes galvanized on the outside of pipe,which is a good protection.This type of wind pipe has smooth surface, simple installation,limited connection, little noise; can customized and designed all type of wide pipes as per your needs.C

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Suitable for high speed transportation of all kinds of film side, deckle edge, and paper slip.

* Reliably sealing, wear-resisting, compression resistance, easy connection.

* Ideal auxiliary products for paper mill, carton plant, thin film fabrication, and etc.


Pipe Material Diameter Thickness Specified lengths
Galvanized screwed pipe 100-125mm 0.6mm 6m
Galvanized screwed pipe 150-350mm 0.8mm 6m
Galvanized screwed pipe 400-600mm 1mm 6m
Galvanized screwed pipe 650-1000mm 1.2mm 6m


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