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  • Series:LP
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  • Port:ShangHai
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TCM-LP120 is a traditional vertical baler LP series. In addition to TCM-LP150, this type of baler is the largest in this series. The fuselage of the packer is also larger than the other models, and the packing material is more, and the package size is also larger. It can also pack a lot of materials, such as waste plastic bottles, waste clothes, waste textiles and so on. Similarly, the model also needs manual operation, put into the material, the packing process is automatic, and very convenient, very suitable for the customers of the developing countries to buy, low price, stable performance.

Baler machine is an important part of any industrial compressing, baling, bag filling and packaging process. With the help of TCM vertical baler, you will compress a great variety of material into firm, stable and top-quality bales. By introducing one of these high-density baling machines into your packaging processes, your business is able to produce perfectly sized and shaped bales. Furthermore, the use of our TCM-LP120 model vertical baler leads to an effective packaging cost reduction in no time, as well as greater storage and transportation efficiency.

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Model LP120
Hydraulic power (Ton) 120
Packaging size/(L×W×H)(mm) 1200×800×(500-1250)
Feed opening size/(L×H)(mm) 1200×600
Chamber Size(L×W×H)(mm) 1200×800×1650
Bale weight (kg) 350-550
Voltage/(can be customized) 200-680V/3 Phase
Power (kw) 22/30
Machine size(L×W×H)(mm) 1850×1200×4680
Weight (kg) 4200

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