bagging press for cotton wiper

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  • Series:HBC
  • Payment:T/T
  • Port:ShangHai
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TCM-HBC10 wipers horizontal baler machine is one of the TCM-HBC series baler machine in our factory. And it is the smallest in all models. It is applicable to compressing small and soft material, such as clothing, fabric, sawdust, fertilizer, feed stuff, etc, then pack the material into handy and small bags. When you wanner bale wiper rags which is loose just like wood shavings, hay, straws, you can use this compressing machine. It needs bags to bagging the wiper rags. And also it has the function to weighing automatic.

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Model TCM-HBC10
Bale size(mm) 210*145*100
Bale weight(kg) 1kg
Voltage(V/HZ) 200-660v/50hz(Customized)
Main Motor(kw) 5.5Kw/7.5Hp
Appearance size(mm) 2160*1240*1150
Weight(kg) 500Kg

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