Fiber Baling Machine

Fiber Baling Machine

TCM-DD Series baler machine is mainly used for baling cartons, cardboard, cotton yarn, fiber, plastic, pet bottles, etc. Redesigned as vertical structure, hydraulic transmission, electrical control and manual binding.

  • Type:Vertical Baler
  • Model:TCM-DD40
  • Series:TCM-DD
  • Port:Shanghai
  • Mini Order:1 Set
  • Payment:T/T
  • Service:1 year after slae
  • Certification:CE SGS TUV

Product Details

TCM-DD40 double opening door vertical compactor is one model of TCM-DD series vetical baler machine in TCM BALER MACHINE. It has strong power to bale many kinds of waste materiel just like fiber, waste paper, cartons, cardboard, pet bottles and other plastic materiels.

The TCM-DD30's power unit has been designed for easy to use and more reliable, and also relocated to the side of the baler chassis for safer and easier maintenance. Brand of  TCM BALER name components are used to ensure long term reliability. A direct drive vane pump is mounted directly to the motor flange, thereby eliminating the motor coupler and providing quieter and more reliable operation.

The directional valve is mounted directly to the pump body, eliminating up to 50% of the hoses and potential leak points that exist on comparable models. All power units are manufactured using famous components.

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Product Features

1.Semi-automatic, double opening door and hydraulic cylinder compress

2.The maximum working pressure can reach 40 ton

3.Suitable for recycling all kinds of plastic products, cartons, cardboard, cotton fiber,  printed materials and other recyclable materials.

4.Able to compress large quantity of bulky recyclable materials in baled form quickly and easily.

5.Standard bale size can reach 1100×700×(500-900)(mm)

6.Good adaptability and long service life.

This machine has been exported to Greece, Hungary, Sao Tome, and we also exports to many other countries like Czech Republic, Djibouti, Ghana, Jamaica, Mongolia, United States and so on. If you need this machine ,pls free to contact us!

Product Paramter

Model TCM-DD40
Hydraulic power (ton) 40
bale size(L×W×H)(mm) 1100×700×(500-900)
Feed opening size(L×H)(mm) 1100×550
Bale Weight(kg) 150-250
Capability (bales/hour) 4-6
Voltage 200-680V/3 phase(can be customized)
Power (kw) 7.5
Machine size(L×W×H)(mm) 1500×1000×3150
Weight (kg) 1800
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