TCM-DS1200 Double Shafts Shredder

TCM-DS series twin-shaft shredders have been designed for a wide array of applications and industries, suitable for shredding solid material such as E-waste, metal, wood, plastic, scrap tires, packaging barrel, pallets, etc. Depending on input material an

  • Series:DS
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  • Port:ShangHai
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TCM-DS1200 double shafts shredder machine is one model of TCM-DS two shafts shredding machine in our factory. It has two 37kw motors to shredding materials just like electronic waste, plastic, metal, wood, waste rubber, packing barrel, pallet and so on.

Based on different materials, we design the special blades with different hooks, normally, we have single hooks blade, double hooks blades, four hooks blades and multi-hooks blades. Also the thickness of blades for different materials are different, the range is 10mm-80mm. We design single or multi-hooks of blades with different thickness for different materials.


Model DS1200
Tool Φ350*30 Φ400*40 Φ450*45 Φ500*50
Motor(Kw) 22*2 30*2 37*2 45*2
rotation rate(r/min) 10-20
Tool Number 40 30 26 24
Capacity(Kg/h) 2000-5000
Feeding Size(mm) 1220*670 1220*750 1190*840 1220*920

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