Vertical steel shavings briquetting machine factory

Vertical steel shavings briquetting machine factory

Buy Hydraulic Vertical steel shavings briquetting machine factory with cheap wholesale factory price from China best supplier and manufacturer TCM BALER dealer, we have best quality recycling baler machine for sale than tianfu, zhouzhuang, nsb, metso, Harmony

  • Driven Type:Hydraulic
  • Quotation:FOB Price
  • Automatic Grade:Manual
  • Factory location:China
  • Type:Horizontal Baler
  • Model:TCM-XB500
  • Driver:Motor or diesel
  • Customized:diy
  • transport:shipping
  • Certification:CE SGS TUV ISO

Product Details

TCM-XB500 metal chips briquetting pressing machine is the biggest model of TCM-XB series metal shavings press machine in our factory. It's hydraulic power reach to 500Ton, and has a big size.

This kind of machine is used to deal with all kinds of iron filings, aluminum scraps, copper chips and other metal scraps. So we also call it iron chips baler or copper chips pressing machine. TCM-XB500 is efficient, stable and easy to operate. The treated metal chips are much smaller in size and after being processed the metal chips are easy to transport. So it maks your bussiness easily.

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Product Features

1. Professional engineers in research and development

2. Advanced equipments for manufacturing

3. Customized service according to your inquiry

4. Automatic control with PLC, esay to operate

5. First class service

This machine has been exported to Philippines, Lebanon, Virgin Islands, and we also exports to many other countries like Cuba, Central African Republic, Honduras, Myanmar, Benin, Chad, Algeria, Samoa, Sierra Leone, Bouvet Island, Ethiopia, Haiti, Seychelles, Mongolia, Lesotho, Australia and so on. If you need this machine ,pls free to contact us!

Product Paramter

Model TCM-XB500
Motor Power (kw/hp) 37/50
Hydraulic Power (ton) 500
Control System PLC
Efficiency (block/min) 5
Voltage 380/50HZ/3P(Customized)
Bale Size (mm) Φ120-150*(70-100)
Bale weight (kg) 5-7
Output Capacity (T/8H) 11-18
Machine size (mm) 3500×1100×2300
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