metal chips baler

Metal chips is in the industrial processing, machine tool cutting, drilling and other processing process generated in the process, these by-products after packaging machine packaging, re refining in the steel furnace, is a very good steel-making materi

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XB series metal chip packing and pressing machine is specially designed and developed by our company for all kinds of metal chips. This type of machine adopts vertical structure, and the whole machine can realize full automation of packing, automatic feeding and automatic packing. The whole process can be unattended. When feeding, spiral conveying is used to ensure uniform feeding, and automatic weighing can be added Heavy system, so as to achieve accurate control of the size of each package. This kind of packing machine is very suitable for all kinds of metal scraps, such as copper chips, aluminum chips, iron chips, etc. the structure is relatively simple and the operation is convenient. It is very suitable for customers who need to recycle various metal scraps. The density of the packing block is high, which can effectively improve the water yield and increase the economic benefits in the process of furnace recycling.

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