scrap car press machine

scrap car press machine

Buy Hydraulic scrap car press machine with cheap wholesale factory price from China best supplier and manufacturer TCM BALER dealer, we have best quality recycling baler machine for sale than orwak, sinobaler, tfkj, lindemann, RMGroup

  • Driven Type:Hydraulic
  • Quotation:FOB Price
  • Automatic Grade:Full Auto
  • Factory location:China
  • Type:Horizontal Baler
  • Model:TCM-CB5000
  • Driver:Motor or diesel
  • Customized:diy
  • transport:shipping
  • Certification:CE SGS TUV ISO

Product Details

TCM-CB5000 movable scrap metal baling press machine is called by many other names just like portable scrap metal baler, mobile metal packer or compressing machine and so on. It can bale almost all metal matiral just like metal scrap cars, waste cans or aluminum cans etc. It has many features for our customers to use, easily to control and operate, high efficiency and great power to help us deal with matiral.

TCM BALER is the most professional China baler machine supplier and manufacturer, we not only produce TCM-CB5000 scrap car press machine, but also produce many other kinds of baler machines just like self loading cardboard compactor, scrap metal recycling machine for sale, aluminum alloy baler machine, corn silage baler machine, machine to compress plastic film scrap, hydraulic press 120 ton, y81f-1250 hydraulic scrap iron metal aluminum pressing baler machine, recycle metal chips, cotton seed press machine, wiper baler, packing for india, dust wood briquette, press machine taiwan, foam dust baler, baler machine for nonwoven paper, vertical hydraulic cardboard baling press machine for clothes, china pvc compactor, iron metal bale machine, diy compress sawdust in pipe, china wood briquette china, 40 ton capacity power press, automatic paper / plastic baling press, compress cloth machine, y83-125 small iron baler machine, straw packing unit pakistan, pto silage baler machine, hydraulic metal baler for scrap aluminum alight metal, ce certificated car baler, cardboard baling machine price, china china power press in india, press clicker rubber cutting machine, china used mechanical press, ce approval automatic bagging baler for fresh silage, hydraulic metal baler, waste compactor density high, china mini tire compressor, manual plastic compactor local, coir press machine and so on.

Product Features

1. Use the folding door cover compression, 4 support cylinders. Fast and smooth lifting, Convenient for the Trailer shipment

2. Great parts, Good abrasion resistance and big power, Quality guarantee and energy saving to packing or packaging

3. Use Telescopic main oil cylinder to reduce length of the machine, making it easy to move

4. 360 degree rotating grab, Feeding, packing, packing block loading is only one person control

5. Big case can put a lot of material, good for the packing effect

6. Movable type, change the place easily, reduce the cost of bulk waste transportation

This machine has been exported to Cocos Islands, Tuvalu, Bhutan, and we also exports to many other countries like Luxembourg, Belarus, Jordan, Jamaica, Congo, Anguilla, Israel, Japan, Vanuatu, Myanmar, Virgin Islands, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, San Marino and so on. If you need this machine ,pls free to contact us!

Product Paramter

Model TCM-CB5000
Diesel Engine Power (hp) 215
Diesel Engine Brand Cummins
Chamber Size (L×W×H) (mm) 5000×1800×1200
Bale Size (L×W×H) (mm) 1000×800×700
Bale Weight (kg) 800-1100
Working System Pressure (Mpa) 21.5MPa
Baler Density (kg/m³) ≥2000
Bale Discharge Grab Machinery
Cooling System PCE-75P-C
Control PLC Automatic Control System
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