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  • Series:MF
  • Payment:T/T
  • Port:ShangHai
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TCM-MF135 Scrap metal turn-out baling press machine is one model of TCM-MF series metal scrap baler machine in our factory. It can deal with many types of materials just like iron scrap, metal shavings, steel, waste cars and many others. 

TCM provide metal scrap baling press machine and metal chips briquette pressing machine. Our products are designed for metal recycling centre and foundry companies. All of our customers can get high profits with our metal scrap baling press and metal chips briquette press all over the world.

TCMBALER is the most professional China baler machine supplier and manufacturer, we not only produce hydraulic iron scrap baler, but also produce many other kinds of baler machines just like cost-effective mobile scrap metal baler, antique iron press, hydraulic scrap metal baler , hydraulic scrap iron baling machine, scrap iron baler machine, scrap metal iron aluminum baler double, high quality hydraulic metal baler, metal iron aluminum baling presses, copper iron baler, metal iron wire baler, hydraulic scrap metal baler compactor, automatic scrap iron baler, waste metal iron copper aluminium scrap baler, horizontal jewel brand hydraulic scrap metal balers for sale, metal aluminum copper steel hydraulic automatic scrap baler, hydraulic car metal baler, hydraulic metal baler machine, steel scrap baling press, hydraulic iron press baler, metal baler manufacturer, iron metal press, hms scrap press baler, waste steel baler machine, iron wire press machine, metal iron wire hydraulic pressure baler, square hydraulic scrap iron baler, scrap car metal balers, scrap metal baler compactor, car balers for sale, steel car shear baler, scrap iron horizontal metal baler, steel baler, economic integrated scrap metal baling machine, hydraulic iron metal baler, automatic steel baler, y81t-2500 automatic scrap steel packaging machine, commercial steam press, scrap iron hydraulic press baler and so on.


Model MF135
Hydraulic Power (Ton) 135
Motor Power(Kw/hp) 22/30
Voltage( Customized) 200-680V/3phase
Bale Size(L×W×H)(mm) 350×350
Chamber Size(L×W×H)(mm) 1400×900×700
Bale Weight (kg) 80-120
Capacity (kg/hour) 1500-2000
Control System Manual or PLC

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