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How to recycling shredded paper? China shredded paper baler supplier and manufacturer TCMBALER provide you different kinds of customized shredded paper pressing machine to help you solve the problem! Pls feel free to contact us with the following contact information etc.

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The following images show the effects of shredded paper after being baled by our shredded paper packing machine, if you need more scene of production. Pls feel free to contact us!

Shredded paper baler is mainly used for baling press shredded paper, and they always be called as many other names just like shredded paper baling press machine, shredded paper compactor, or shredded paper pressing machine.

what is shredded paper? Shredded paper is the waste paper, waste carton, waste cardbord and many other paper which is shredded by shredder machine.

Once paper has been shredded, it will soon be on its way to be recycled. One of the biggest destinations of shredded paper is paper recyclers or someone do paper recyling business. Regardless of destination, it is often required for the shredded paper to be baled before sent for recycling. This may result in a higher value for the paper (as opposed to non-baled) which is an obvious benefit. An additional benefit of baling the shredded paper is to keep control over the chain of custody of secure documents.

In view of this situation, TCM BALER provide many kinds of shredded paper baler machine for our customers. Generally divided into vetical shredded paper baler and horizontal baling press machine. 

Vertical shredded paper baler is cheap and if you have limited budget to start you recycling bussiness. TCM BALER suggest you choose vertical type baler. Though it is cheap, but  it is strong enough to finish you work. if you need to know more about this machine you can click TCM-DD series double opening door vertical Baler to konw.

If you have more budget, you can choose horizontal shredded paper baling press machine, it can bale shredded paper automatic, so you can save a lot of labor costs.

Vertical shredded paper baler

The vertical shredded paper packing machine is also a manual baling press machine. In the process of packing material, the vertical bale machine needs to load the material manually and manually click the button to operate it. It is very convenient to operate and can keep the physical properties of the material. It is driven by hydraulic device and has a high compression ratio. The device is installed to prevent the rebound, and it can effectively keep the compression effect. This type of machine is a traditional baling machine. After many years of practice, it is simple in structure, easy to operate and stable in performance.

Horizontal shredded paper baler

Horizontal shredded paper baling machine is also called automatic shredded paper compactor, it is divided into automatic horizontal baling press and semi-automatic horizontal baling machine. After many years of research and improvement, the baling machine has been very stable and reliable in actual production. In the packing process, there is no need for too many workers, all the packing process can be controlled by PLC to realize automatic filling material, automatic hydraulic packing, automatic bundling into the customer's required package size, very convenient and saving manpower cost.

How do customers choose their own baler ?

How do customers choose their own products? Is it a vertical packing machine or a horizontal packing machine? Many customers will encounter many problems when choosing machines, and don't know how to choose the packers that are suitable for them. First of all, we should first select products according to the packaging effect and the size of the package. Besides, vertical balers and horizontal balers can finish packing. So what's the difference between vertical balers and horizontal balers? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them? The vertical baling machine has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, light weight and low price, which is suitable for customers who are not enough budget. The price of the horizontal packing machine is relatively expensive, but it can save a lot of human cost, and it is suitable for the customers with sufficient budget and can save a lot of human cost. If it is not clear, you can contact our engineers online.

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