Electronic scale

Widely used in warehouses, workshops, garages, markets, construction sites and other places for lifting materials weighing, bale weighing, little car weighing and manual handling weighing etc.

Product Details

• Can be put directly to use on ground.

• Move flexible and configured with support legs, easy to adjust the height of the four corners of the weighing platform.

• Patented, high-rigid design • Platform below 2×3m made of patterned plate

• Platform above 2×3m made of flat plate

• Equipped with a special-made 8m-long signal-shielded cable

• Surface of aluminum paste or spray paint orange line

• Metal-sense surface with orange-line aluminum paste or spray paint

•Equipped with famous-brand alternating-current/direct-current (AC/DC) digital indicator and high-accuracy load cell

• High-accuracy system, fast weighing, steady and reliable work

• If attaching devices like bunker, roller way or steel-tape support, etc. are installed on the platform, the scale can be used as weighing equipment like bunker scale, roller scale or steel-tape scale.

• Widely used in places like storehouses, workshops, goods yard, pedlars' market, building site, etc.

Product Parameters

Model Dimension Measuring range
TCM-1 1*1m 1T
TCM-2 1.2*1.2m 2T
TCM-3 1.5*1.5m 3T
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